AUREA CATENA HOMERI: Golden Dawn manuscript


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The Golden Chain of Homer

A magnificently prepared facsimile of a manuscript transcription of “Aurea Catena Homeri,” by Anton Joseph Kirchweger, an important alchemical work that was first published in German in 1723.

The great London-based Rosicrucian and alchemical scholar Sigismund Bacstrom translated the work into English, and this translation was eventually eventually acquired by W. Wynn Westcott, who in turn passed it to Percy William Bullock (Frater Levavi Oculos, 1867-1943?) a stalwart of the original Golden Dawn (for a time he was Cancellarius of the Isis-Urania Temple).

Whilst still in the G.D. Bullock made a copy of “Aurea Catena Homeri” so as to make it available to “any member of the Second Order” working “towards the elaboration of the Lapis Philosophorum, the ‘perfect perfection.’
AUREA CATENA HOMERI : the most comprehensive and complete alchemical work dealing with the whole process of transformation through the mineral, vegetable, animal and spiritual worlds.
120 large format colour copies