SEXUAL MAGICK: Templar Secrets leather edition in slipcase


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Templar Secrets
Divine Love
The secret of occult sex magic is focused in its entirety on the study, magnification, gathering and direction of life-force within the body and mind of the practitioner. This life-force manifests within the human being in the form of sexual energy or prana, a psycho-physical energy which has supernatural potential.
The influence that these ideas have had upon the esoteric sciences in the West, upon the history and literature of magick, upon art, pop culture and the development of new and diverse social and religious movements around the world has been immense.
Students of occultism, mind control, tantra yoga, practical occult magick, witchcraft and Thelema today all require a clear and detailed guide to the practical application of this power, so we here present for the first time a full collection of these esoteric instruction documents.
Hand bound in red kidskin with black Ortiz endpapers, red linen slipcase with gilt border and pictorial design of the alchemical ‘ART’ card from the Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley and Lady Freida Harris 1944.