72 Seals of Solomon


deluxe case, book, oil and incense

Hand cut in tool grade 6mm thick solid brass to be used many times to manufacture thousands of your own talismans!

Presented here complete for the first time.




72 Seals of Solomon

deluxe case, book, oil and incense

Hand cut in tool grade 6mm thick solid brass to be used many times to manufacture thousands of your own talismans!






The 72 Spirits of Solomon

that were sealed in a brazen vessel,
presented here complete for the first time.

These seals may be used many times and are specially cut in mirror image into 6mm tool grade brass to enable you to make impressions from them again and again. Each seal is 36mm diameter perfect for reproducing them as talismans onto any material.

Produce thousands of your own talismans!


The brass vessel in which Solomon trapped the spirits



Hand cut in brass all 72 seals in a burr wood veneer presentation case, brass ‘Seal of Solomon’ to the front, brass locks, lined with royal blue velvet. Inside the case is a 3-inch magician’s hexagram seal for summoning the spirits, a vial of Holy Oil and a vessel of Sacred Incense.


Set within three layered trays of royal blue velvet are the complete 72 seals of the Spirits of Solomon gathered together for the first time.

The seals in this set are like no other: they have been specially cut for you in mirror image of the original seals, they may be used one at a time or they may be used to make multiple images or impressions correctly in wax, clay, ink or any other material using gold and silver foil.

Each brass seal is cut in mirror image of the seals in the book, when you impress the seal into wax, clay, gold or any other material the image will appear correctly as in the book, the seals are tool grade brass which means they can all be used to create a precise impression hundreds or thousands of times.



Each seal individually cut weighing up to 1.5 ounces solid brass





Within these seals lies the ultimate mastery of power, success, wealth, love and fame. The spirits teach the discovery of hidden things, wisdom in all the arts, healing of disease, control of the mind, perfection in body and appearance, invisibility and more.


Ancient legend tells of the power achieved by King Solomon by the use of these spirit seals, months even years of labour would be required to cut all these seals one at a time and to summon each spirit. Here we present the complete series ready for you to embark on a lifetime adventure in the occult arts.


Solomons Magic Circle and Triangle


Conjure the spirits:

Included in the set are the full 72 seals cut into 6mm thick tool grade brass. The set comes with the magical hexagram of Solomon worn by the magician, a vial of sacred oil and an incense for you to call upon each spirit, plus a finely bound copy of the ‘Goetia’ or Key of Solomon which contains full instructions for the operation of this art, descriptions of each spirit and their special powers.

Your 72 seals may be used again and again to make talismans for any purpose: impress the seals into wax, clay, paper, parchment; this is a supreme set of magical talismans like no other!



With each set of these superb talismanic seals comes a fine bound edition of the book ‘Goetia’ originally printed in 1904 by legendary occultist Aleister Crowley.

The Goetia is an ancient magical system which allows any person to conjure spirits and demons for any purpose. Based upon the medieval ‘Office of Spirits’ the list of demons in Goetia covers all possible needs and requirements.

This set of seals is a very powerful magical weapon, complete with the book it confers absolute power to gain wealth, success, love, fame and much more.

(Please note candlesticks are for presentation purposes and are not included in the set.)


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