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Being the first ever complete publication of the

Golden Dawns Inner Order Enochian paper:

‘Book of the Concourse of Forces’

Zelator Adeptus Minor 5◦=6▫ : 1893

(Transcribed by Dr. Robert Felkin, Frater Finem Respici 1897)

Inside the heptagonal vault of the R.R. et A.C. in Whare-Ra

Issued as a finely bound facsimile and introduced by

Dr Anthony Fuller

Limited to 120 facsimile copies in quarter black kidskin and purple moire silk with accompanying typescript folio.

Title label with gold titles to spine,
black tiziano endpapers,

Dr Robert Felkin
(Fr. Finem Respici)

This is a 52-page full-colour reproduction of the original manuscript,
printed on fine laid paper and measures 295mm X 205 MM.

Accompanying this is a second typed transcript with additional illustrative material
dated 1935 emanating from the Whare-Ra group (Temple Smaragdum Thallasses No.49)
and recorded by Euan Campbell (Frater F.F.E.)

Euan Campbell (Frater F.F.E.)

This second transcript is issued here in black paper wraps,
measures 295mm X 205 MM
and is a further 54 pages of both colour and black and white transcript.

The history and the magical practices of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, its subsequent break and separation into the Stella Matutina and subordinate orders is well known and we would be forgiven for thinking that little remained to be either said or published. However, the survival of the original initiatic stream through Dr Robert Felkin to the students in New Zealand in the early 1900s drew many original order documents with it and here we publish (in a complete form for the first time) the Enochian Inner Order paper ‘Ritual X’ which appeared in only a condensed form in the volumes of Regardie’s ‘Golden Dawn’ and subsequent publications.

The front of Felkin’s original MSS

The original manuscript is in a private collection and this publication is the first in a series of works intended to preserve both the documentary evidence and to present it in an unadulterated form to students of the Golden Dawn magical system. Many of the materials concerned are the only surviving copies, much of it transferred from England to the Smaragdum Thallasses Temple in New Zealand and from thence to the inheritors of what has come to be known in esoteric circles as the ‘Whare-Ra’ tradition.

‘Whare-Ra’ was not a group or an order, rather it was a home and temple complex built at the turn of the last century for the Felkins and continued (in its lower storey) to practise the full Golden Dawn temple initiation system up to the very highest degrees such as Magister Templi and Magus.


The outer order with its four elemental degrees crowned by the inner order of the A.C. with its Rosicrucian mysteries and complex Enochian system.

Whare-Ra, as a cultural and social force in New Zealand, was remarkably successful, at one time having a membership in the hundreds. Through the 1930s one of its highest ranking adepts (Euan Campbell, Frater F.F.E.) travelled to London and made copious first-hand notes of the Enochian manuscripts at the British Museum and collected a large photographic library which still exists today. Sadly Campbell’s own copy of ‘Ritual X’ which included a supplementary paper not available elsewhere, was destroyed by an accidental fire, but before this occurred a photocopy was made (sometime in 1993) and the important inner order material was preserved, it is this copy which is here presented as an accompanying volume.

The value of these original documents, their subsequent ‘Whare-Ra’ transcripts and additions cannot be overestimated, it is the single largest, oldest and longest surviving unbroken Golden Dawn tradition of teaching and practice in the magical arts anywhere in the world.

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