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This edition ltd 93, book and cards

‘The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion’



New Dimensions for


Occult Science and for

‘The Book of the Law’


Frater Iehovah Angelus Meus
(David Allen Hulse)


Abrahadabra deluxe edition limited to 93 sets

300-page leather-bound book with marble endpapers

The symbol to the front of the book is the ‘ABRAHADABRA’ triangle in Enochian with Eye of Horus, and on the back is the Sator square in Enochian.

‘Sepher Aiwass’ oracle deck
26 marble backed cards, matching the book’s endpapers,
complete with a 36-page descriptive oracle booklet
and housed within a
deluxe satin red box
inscribed with the ancient magical ‘stator’ square lettered in Enochian.







A B R A H A D A 

A B R A H A D 

A B R A H A  

A B R A H 

A B R A 


A B 


Consciousness itself may be a shadow of a higher dimensional structure.

Frater Iehovah Angelus Meus

David Allen Hulse

David Allen Hulse is a lifetime student of the occult sciences and in particular of the relationship between ancient languages, number codes and the mysteries within sacred texts such as ‘The Book of the Law’ dictated to Aleister Crowley in Cairo, Egypt during three days in April 1904.


         ‘When any person, an individual or even a prophet, attains a realisation it sometimes leaves a physical residue, a knot in the fabric of space and time, perhaps some ethereal production imbued with the original force to which that individual, even the rest of humanity, looks for guidance and a pathway back to those sublime heights.  A sacred book, poetry, art, sublime philosophy, these are the familiar productions resulting from such experiences, but how often do we seek signs of the same sublimity in mechanics, in physics or mathematics? Mostly such discoveries remain concealed, their brilliance hidden from us, their language mute like the statues of an ancient temple. Yet these mute books, based as they are on the science of number, may yet be read.’

From the introduction to ‘ABRAHADABRA’


Using his extensive knowledge and experience of this text, David Allen Hulse embarked upon a 40 year study of its secret codes and their relationship to other ancient occult ciphers from the western and eastern occult systems, Hebrew, Greek, Celtic tree alphabet, Latin, Enochian, Rosicrucian, Egyptian, classical Greek, Tantric, Tibetan and Sanskrit.

Originally conceived in 1979 and continuously updated with fresh discoveries, the book ‘ABRAHADABRA’ is the single most extensive work in this field, taken together with the hieroglyphical deck ‘Sepher Aiwass’ they constitute the only experimental occult tool of their kind.

This book, together with its deck of hieroglyphical divination cards, oracle cards if you will, sets a new precedent in the study of the philosophy of language, of esotericism, of spiritual occultism and the application of that study to initiation in higher dimensions of space and time. Together, the deck and the book ‘ABRAHADABRA’, they constitute a record of an experiment in the psychology of mystical experience, both the authors and your own. Even as you are reading these words ideas spanning dimensions form within your mind, such connections as these follow intimately the very structure of matter, of space and time.

The deck reproduces the authors original designs without varnish, like the first equations describing an advanced mathematical theory they are direct and uncompromising representations of dynamic ideas, ideas capable of causing great change in ones understanding of the universe.

Esoteric systems using the visual or symbolic method such as the Tarot are widely used today, the notion that such symbolic systems may call forth information stored subconsciously, or that they may serve to aid in the discerning of patterns in behaviours and in the divining of future events is a common feature of occulture, the field of arts and literature deriving from a study of and interaction with occult forces. Though the symbols in some decks appeal to ones intellect, far too many divinatory decks are merely examples of the decorative arts, offering us nothing in terms of a next step in occult science. Such ‘occulture’ pretends to challenge us, but does so only within the limits of what we are already willing to accept.

The finer more exacting use of such an esoteric system as we see here, one looking to enter more directly into the activity of destiny not in terms of personal powers or agents, but in terms of its governing mechanics is truly very rare. The ancient Chinese system of the I Ching could be said to be one such method of wedding together the subtle aspects of the mind with the very mechanics of circumstance, the manipulation of space and time within consciousness. In general the divinatory sciences derive their confirmation from information received or channelled through a faculty of the mind susceptible to fluid change, the language of imagery connected to historic culture, past lives, intuitional stirrings. In such a case the possibility of ‘proof’ such as it is, depends upon an innate sense of correctness, of personal confirmation. With the cards here before you a new form of proof may be possible.

Number, the basic building blocks of the various dimensions of the universe, lies at the heart of this new method. The root of language, not language as words but as ‘facts’ that is as the fundamental structure of meaning, lies in the power of number and the manner in which numbers describes being.

A brief sketch of the larger philosophical-mystical implications of this may be found in the ‘Naples Arrangement’ and also ‘Liber Trigrammaton’ by Aleister Crowley, an early attempt to fix a definite system of mystical and magical attributes for the root of thought as language.




‘Here is Nothing under its three forms. It is not, yet informeth all things’

Aleister Cowley: ‘Liber Trigrammaton’

To the trigrams of the I-Ching, Aleister Crowley attached the 26 letters of the English alphabet, thus fixing in his mind a system of correspondences between the root sounds of words, the numbers they represent, and the words or meanings evolving out of them as thought begins to define itself and the universe.

Many students have discerned the need for such an exacting system or tool, something that would do for occultism what quantum mechanics has done for post Newtonian physics, but attempts at creating such a tool have until now remained theoretical.

Thought is connected to language as number to physics, sound to vibration and to the deeper structures of the human mind that determine not only how we see the world and how we act within it, but even how it appears to behave on the minute scale: the scale of nature that defies the rules of normal physical matter. It must be remembered that at the minutest level of the study of thought as language there cannot be any such thing as a causal nexus (Bertrand Russel on Wittgenstein) and with Crowley in his ‘every number is infinite’ we see the same idea. The mind is eternal.

The primate brain of our ancient ancestors held a key cognitive building block in the creation of language over 40 million years ago, the comprehension of non-adjacent but dependant values in a communication, and the cognitive leap necessary to process this may be connected to the existence of super-complex multidimensional neural constructions within the brain. It is as if the brain reacts to a stimulus by building then razing a tower of multi-dimensional blocks, starting with rods (1 dimension), then planes (2 dimensions), then cubes (3 dimensions), and then more complex geometries with 4, 5, etc. up to a possible 11 dimensions. The progression of activity through the brain resembles a multi-dimensional sandcastle that materializes out of the sand and then disintegrates. Our comprehension of space, time, and of higher dimensions is influenced, even determined by these geometric constructions within the brain. It is as if our neurology has grown out of the same laws governing dimensions of matter beyond normal perception.

Neurons, memory, and the dimensions of the universe

Understanding this structure over vastly different scales is one of the great challenges of neuroscience; but one that is hindered by a lack of appropriate mathematical tools.

This deck presents such a tool which links our finer forces to the geometric structures which algebraic topology seeks to measure within the brain. By the use of this deck one enables the study of phenomena within space and time directly in relation to the physical mathematical laws governing them and the laws of language by which we can communicate them.

Cliques of neurons suggesting geometric structures

This deepest of magickal worlds, one beyond the realm of merely psychological phenomena, connects the smallest of our experiences with the very forces of creation, forces constantly at work in the becoming of all things.

Quantum theory, the study of the origins of matter, the reversal of time in black holes, all these bear a striking resemblance to the same structures within the brain: our sense of meaning, the deep psycho-biology of man, intimately connected to the primal act of creation.

Algebraic topology: mapping the human brain

Here in our cards the hieroglyphs are pure sound, pure number, closer to that core structure within the human brain that defines meaning, that defines the universe.

Divination is primarily a ‘working with the divine’, the divinity at work within things, within yourself at the moment of the act.

What has been achieved, with the set of cards before you now, is a precise tool which delves deeper than ever before into the relationship between the appearance of facts, the sense of meaning, and the occult powers of nature and the human mind.

Traditional Tarot cards and their spreads offer us some initial guidance to the use of the ‘Sepher Aiwass’ in so far as they teach us to listen intently to our intuition- they can offer a psychologically fluid method by which the inner world may be navigated. 

The precise relationship between that inner world and the worlds of space and time by which we ascend to higher states of consciousness requires a greater focus. Such a focus is achieved not only with the deck but also by following the golden thread woven by the relationship between two other forces: the prophetic energies within ‘The Book of the Law’ and the apparently accidental circumstances at work within our own life.

The ‘Sepher Aiwass’ with its 26 cards intimately woven together with the text of ‘The Book of the Law’ and the quantum processes by which prophecy, magickal initiation and the True Will actually operate, transcends anything previously conceived.

A physical card spread, being only a two-dimensional arrangement of complex inter-dimensional activity, can give only the barest hint at the potential one can unleash, one remains a viewer only. The cards reflect energies that are both numerical and aeonic, each number being itself a universe (‘Every number is infinite’), there opens up to the inner eye an ever-expanding series of universes, one within another. The prime ‘aeons’ of this path of initiation are the dynamic characters within ‘The Book of the Law’: appearing as the terrible ‘Beast’ and ‘The Scarlet Woman’, each successive aeon an unfolding of the being just as the Aeons of Isis, Osiris and Horus are an unfolding of the history of man.

Taking the cards in the patterns suggested by the ciphers of the book opens one directly to the forces governing reality itself: all actions, ritual and ritualized behaviours, are manifestations of processes deeply seated in the structure of the brain itself. Unlocking the code between apparently chance actions in space and time, number, and the roots of our language, is the prime objective of this new work ‘ABRAHADABRA’.

The first steps towards interacting with the magical energies of the cards, the powers of the ‘Book of the Law’ and the occult universe they describe, could be taken following the patterns of the symbol known as the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and the symbols of the pentagram and hexagram upon whose elevenfold marriage the system of ‘ABRAHADABRA’ is based. The true patterns governing your own Universe wait to be revealed!

Entering or going within the various dimensions of the cards, the powers of ‘The Beast’, ‘Nuit’, ‘Ra-Hoor-Khuit’, and so on, this intra-dimensional journeying and identification with powers beyond the human constitutes a gnostic and initiatory process.

No adopted pattern will give you entry to this world, rather the number of your name, the very cipher of your own being will open the door to a world of powerful and challenging synchronicities. The student must work intensely to identify their own unique numbers and interior connections to the magickal universe, the appearance of even one will be more precious than gold.

This new understanding, these new dimensions for ‘The Book of the Law’ and for mankind, bring a light into the world speeding the evolution of the human spirit.




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