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“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law”


The Complete


Now includes the Sepher Aiwass standard deck

By Frater Iehovah Angelus Meus
(David Allen Hulse)

26 marble backed cards
complete with a 36 page descriptive booklet
and housed within a black box

Five volumes with a clamshell box and Holy Oil

with an Egyptian glass perfume bottle in remembrance of

 the Cairo Working and the Scarlet Woman

As originally published by Aleister Crowley and arranged according to the curriculum of study within the Order:

Complete in five volumes, each book measures 230mm x 175mm with the design on the front covers measuring 156mm x 93mm

Each set comes with a 10ml vial of Holy Oil in a hand-made Egyptian hand-blown perfume bottle, each bottle is uniquely coloured and formed.

The sturdy black linen clamshell cases are lined with bright green Kashgar silk which complements the binding of the ivory wraps protecting the quality wove ivory paper of each volume printed in red and black inks.

These special editions of the Holy Books of Thelema are being issued as five-volume sets. The first three volumes are based upon Aleister Crowleys own first edition issued in 1909, the fourth volume contains other Holy Books not issued in the first edition, whilst volume five is a complete text of the Book of the Law suitable for both private and Temple use.


Originally the volumes of ‘THELEMA’ were issued one at a time as the aspirant progressed through the successive grades of the Outer College of the Order, we maintain this tradition today…

We have kept much of the presentation and layout of the original 1909 edition of ‘THELEMA’, adding those further Class A documents (eight additional in our volume 4, plus a ninth additional in our volume 5) in uniform bindings, this is the only complete and authorised edition of the Holy Books of Thelema in print.

With volume 5 we see Liber XXXI (The Book of the Law) printed side by side with its own transcription, the line arrangement of the type closely resembles the original manuscript providing the reader with a useful and unique experience at such times as the reading of the verses during the three days of revealing of the Book of the Law.



Volume I

Liber vel Causae

Liber Cordis Serpente


Volume II

Liber Liberivel Lapidis Lazuli


Volume III

Liber  Lvel Legis

Liber Trigrammaton

Liber vel Ararita


Volume IV

Liber B vel Magi

Liber Porta Lucis

Liber Stellae Rubae

Liber Tzaddivel Hamus Hermeticus

Liber Chethvel Abiegni


Liber A’ASH vel Capricorni Pneumatici

Liber Tau vel Kabbalae Trium Literarum


Volume V

Liber AL vel Legis – Temple Edition

“Love is the law, love under will”





By Frater Iehovah Angelus Meus
(David Allen Hulse)

26 marble backed cards
complete with a 36 page descriptive booklet
and housed within a black box
inscribed with the ancient magical ‘sator’ square lettered in Enochian.

The deck and booklet can be used standalone with the text of the ‘Book of the Law’,
used as an oracle deck (the meanings of the cards are in the booklet),
or in association with one’s own numerology.

Proof of supernatural Intelligence
The importance of recent announcements in the fields of cosmology and neuroscience has inspired us to offer the occult oracle deck ‘Sepher Aiwass’ with every purchase of the ‘Holy Books of Thelema’ and the ‘Equinox of the Gods’ by Aleister Crowley:

A significant article appearing in both  Sciencealert and Futurism magazines supports the advanced magickal thesis of ‘ABRAHADABRA’ and ‘Sepher Aiwass’ written by David Allen Hulse. In the article (‘Study Maps The Structural Similarities Between The Human Brain And The Universe’) astrophysicist Franco Vazza of Bologna University and neurosurgeon Alberto Feletti of the University of Verona Italy, posit the idea that the structure of the brain and the structure of the universe share some remarkable similarities. 

In ‘ABRAHADABRA’ by David Allen Hulse we see an experiment across dimensions, in particular using the occult ciphers of ‘The Book of the Law’ received by Aleister Crowley from the praeter-human entity ‘Aiwass’. The book and the scientific study both suggest that the laws governing the growth of both structures (the brain and the universe) could be the same: the causal network representing the large-scale structure of spacetime in our accelerating universe is a power-law graph remarkably similar to the human brain. 

Original work in the field of the theory of magic is as rare as original work in physics or pure math.
‘ABRAHADABRA’ with its accompanying deck of 26 oracle cards, the ‘Sepher Aiwass’, constitutes both an in-depth study of the inter-dimensionality of thought and language, of ‘The Book of the Law’ as well as the occult operation of number in the act of divination, of magickal experiment and of the universe as a whole.

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