The Witches Bible : Covencraft edition 275 copies


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The Witches Bible

Covencraft Edition

Limited to 275 copies

Hand bound in black goatskin and burgundy linen

with matching endpapers

This book is a foundation stone of modern witchcraft and a goldmine of both practical and theoretical witch lore coming from the traditional Gardnerian and Alexandrian intersection of magical art.

For the first time in a leather binding suitable for use as a ‘Book of Shadows’ in its own right!

Both an excellently well written and practically essential book, The Witches Bible covers al the basic practical work necessary to the novice and the initiate, whether they are working alone, joining a coven or forming their own coven. Not only does it provide the individual with a solid working framework for ritual work and occult practice, it provides a clear blueprint for coven and group work as well as coven governance.

Janet Farrar High Priestess

The full range of Sabbath rituals, Full and New Moon rituals, Solstice, Equinox, spellwork in theory and practise are all covered in over 350 pages of detailed information from lifelong witchcraft practitioners.

Not only practical work, but also a realistic context and history of Wicca and modern Witchcraft allowing the reader to understand the magical life in their own context. Doreen Valiente, who worked very closely with Gerald Gardner and wrote many of his rituals and much of the Wiccan liturgy in use today, worked with the Farrars closely on this book, the value of the factual and creative input here enormous.

Janet and Stewart Farrar

And aside from the practicality and historical accuracy, the rituals contained herein, re-constructed from Gardner’s Book of Shadows with Doreen Valientes assistance and with embellishments and additions made by Janet, are both elegant and beautiful.

Janet Farrar (b. 1950) was initiated into Alexandrian witchcraft by the tradition’s founders, Alex and Maxine Sanders in the early 1970s. She met Stewart Farrar (1916 – 2000) in the group, and the two went on to marry and co-author a number of popular books on witchcraft and modern neo-paganism.

All three editions as a set



Opening Rite

The Great Rite

Closing Rite


Casting & Banishing the Magic Circle

The Complete Book of Shadows

The Great Rite

Initiation Rites

Consecration Rite

Spells and Spellwork

Witches’ Tools

Witchcraft & Sex

Running a Coven

Developing Clairvoyance

Astral Projection




Spring Equinox




Autumn Equinox




Birth, marriage and Death: