Entrance on Light

The Order is a private organisation devoted to the study and teaching of the Mysteries, we hold there to be One Truth behind the great religious teachings of the world and that there is a simple method to the Mastery of Life.




Entrance on Light


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The Order is a private organisation devoted to the study and teaching of the Mysteries, we hold there to be One Truth behind the great religious teachings of the world and that there is a simple method to the Mastery of Life.




Oratory of the Third Degree within a Chapter House

Known simply as ‘The Order’, or as ‘The Mystic Society of Theleme’ it is often signified by the numeral   XXII, these figures are carved upon the wall of the caves at West Wycombe and many have guessed at their meaning.

The Degrees of The Order introduces the student to all the major elements of the spiritual and occult quest, through the unique relationship between symbolism, architecture and story, The Order weaves the individual into a pattern reflecting the land, the heavens and one’s individual destiny.

The I° seeks to build a foundation for the candidate which joins together the broader field of cosmic influences, the traditions of The Order and the inner signature of one’s spirit.

The II° tests the aspirants resolve in the realm of practical magical work on the lower planes. The upper two degrees form the main focus of The Orders work known as The Sacred Magic or ‘The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel’.

The Order focuses upon this aspect of the spiritual life commonly known as ‘The Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel’ (K.C.H.G.A.) to an extraordinary degree. This set of techniques is often approached as either a retreat or ceremony performed by an individual for the purpose of contacting or unveiling ones True or Higher Self.

Whilst the first two degrees of The Order seek to lay down unique foundation stones in the candidates understanding and practical work, the third and fourth degree impart and teach the precise techniques relating to K.C.H.G.A. which are unique to our Order.

Within the III° an aspirant is given access to The Orders traditional symbolism and teachings regarding ‘The Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel’.

In the IV° the aspirant is entrusted with The Inner Orders unique work in this particular science of The Sacred Magic both as it has descended from the traditions of The Order itself and as it has come down to us from the Theban magicians of Egypt.

Chapter Houses are established to support the Work of The Order. Decorated and furnished to evoke The Order’s ancient place of worship at Medmenham Abbey, each Chapter House engages in a continual cycle of prayer and remembrance reflecting the movements of the heavens.

The Order is headed by a Prior (IV°) who channels and guides the ceremonial work of the degrees; Stewards (III°) who guard and teach the traditions of The Order; Members (II°) who bring into operation the practical techniques of The Order, and the Guests (I°) who maintain an ever-open doorway between The Order and the varied spiritual teachings of the world.

A working temple or ‘Chapter House’ of The Order, modelled upon the original Chapter Room at Medmenham Abbey, may contain social meeting rooms, a member library as well as the actual ‘Chapter Room’ where initiations take place. Arranged to represent the influences of the heavens as well as the elements, the ‘Chapter Room’ most especially contains and displays the ancient symbols of The Order in all its degrees.

The Jewel of each Chapter House is the Oratory of the Third Degree. From here The Orders connection to the upper worlds, the Orders of Angels, and to the outer world is made.

The Chapter Room with all its symbolism creates a ‘Temple of the Triumphs of the Soul’ within which the candidate is made perfect.

This is the path of Mystical Theleme, a path of understanding, peace, harmony and truth.

Mystical Theleme: an Entrance

Inscription and geometric figure above the door at Medmenham Abbey circa 1751

Mystical Theleme is a doorway into the mysteries of life, into the self, into the nature of all things. It is a path of silence, of stillness, of contemplation, of acceptance and sanctification for all. Here within the Order there is nothing that is not of ones own being, the doorway into the Order speaks ‘Enter’ and ‘Do as you will’ (‘Fay ce que voudras’). Above this inscription stands the sublime symbol of the soul whose points, or seven powers, hold in balance the sum of all things.

To the outer world ‘Do what you will’ signifies nothing more than to act in conformity with passion, to the initiate it signifies a state of reflection upon the self. Within the mind of man sits a silent watcher, a vast luminous being whose nature comprehends the natures of all things. This silent being remains a secret throughout our lives as, from one moment to the next we are ceaselessly drawn out from communion with it not by the passions themselves, not by the content of thought, by feeling or sensing alone, but by the perpetual act of creation contained as a seed within each thought, each feeling, each sensing.

As all things contain within themselves this seed or act of creation, the creation of all things reflected billions of billions of times over throughout existence, so all things partake of that first great act of creation in an unending ever-present ‘now’.

Within the Order this secret of ever-present creation is sealed within the hieroglyph of A.R.A.R.I.T.A. whose letters form the sentence ‘One is the beginning. One the true nature. One the summation of All’. Our hieroglyph or sacred word shows to us the mystery of this ever-present act of creation in its seed or ‘I’ at the centre: it is the root of myself that is the touchstone of truth.

In its twin Suns sharing one another’s radiance we see the vast truth of the coming into being of all things by Light. Upon this cross of service to all does the creator project the mystery of the knowledge of our higher self, and against the immensity of universal non-being does this drama of ‘self’/’not self’’ occur.

Thus the Order or Inner Order is an inner or interior vision of the mystery of being and creation acted out in simple ritual, a community of love enacting a communion of silence.

A Practical Step

Peace Within, Harmony Around, Love between All


At the commencement of your journey towards the Order you took a first practical or physical step into the inner world which our Order occupies. By casting a coin (making a ‘trinc’ sound against a bottle or decanter) and by making a declaration found engraved upon a bronze plate under the ‘Abbey of Theleme’, you formed a foundation stone for the fortress of Truth.

Upon the badge which is a sign of your membership is the Priory Star, known also as the ‘T.R.I.N.C.’ star or the cipher of the City of Gold.

At the base of this star you will see, as you saw above the door of the Abbey of Theleme, a geometric figure, the complete series of figures nested one within the other signify the ‘Body of Light’ in its complete form. This series of five geometric figures were known to the ancients as the interior forms of the elements and the form of the universal sphere. The first practical step, signified by the octahedron of air and the letters ‘C.R.’ may signify that a journey of discovery awaits us. As a symbol of the element of air and of the balancing of multiple forces, we are gently guided to a path of consideration, reflection, compassion, truth seeking. In the letters ‘C.R.’ we may be reminded of the pilgrim Christian Rosycross who journeyed to the East in search of secret wisdom and whose discoveries were sealed within the hidden place of the heart.

Keep your connection to the Order hidden and interior, the Order is reached on the inner plane alone, it is upon the inner plane that its powers are most perfect.



It was in the middle of the 18th century that our founder, Sir Francis Dashwood, conceived of establishing a physical manifestation of this interior order, this mystical Theleme, whose origins go back through Rabelais, through the medieval troubadors, through the kabbalists and Sufis, to the keepers of wisdom from the ancient world.

Taking as his inspiration the description of the spiritual community found in Rabelais writings (1532) and moulding them around the various houses and buildings upon his estate, Sir Francis Dashwood created an elegant, dynamic and highly personal interpretation of the idea of ‘Theleme’, the notion that ‘All things tend to their own good’ when governed by sound sense, learning, freedom from prejudice and ultimately a profound respect for the individuality of all.

First at the Abbey of Medmenham, a Cistercian foundation which he leased from the Duffield family, and later at his own estate at West Wycombe, Sir Francis Dashwood established a secret commune of free-thinkers whose interests included politics, pagan theology, classical studies and the development of the human spirit.

Principal amongst the various symbolic architectural features created to embody the force of this mystical power, in 1763 Sir Francis Dashwood and his circle constructed the massive hexagonal brick and flint structure known as the ‘mausoleum’ which contains the urns and ashes of many of Dashwood’s family members including his first wife Lady Sarah Ellis as well as those of his mentor the Duke of Westmoreland.

The structure of this building is too large to be a simple family mausoleum, it stands proud upon the hill dominating the view for miles, the various urns occupying small areas of the inner walls and its figure dwarfing even the church behind it.

Unknown to modern historians and to casual visitors alike, this large mausoleum is in fact a living beating heart built in brick and stone, formed in a hexagonal figure precisely like the famous ‘Abbey of Theleme’ described by the late medieval French author Francois Rabelais, whose own lengthy writings upon it contains numerous coded numerical allusions to the kabbalistic ‘Tree of Life’ and to the doctrines of the Sufis.

In Rabelais account, a large abbey was built having six sides, six towers, numerous flights of stairs, fine apartments within etc , and the inhabitants of this place enjoyed all manner of pleasures being themselves free to dress, eat, study, play music at whatever times they chose and in whatever manner most amused them.

To the common mind this seemed a grand literary metaphor for a free society of enlightened men and women, it was in fact a metaphor but one of the inner self: for the only ‘person’ not described in detail within the narrative was the viewer or the ‘I’ of consciousness. Thus this ‘Abbey’ was in reality a tale of the inner world of man, the city of ourselves where each passing moment a new identity seeks to rule, to govern the whole of ones being, one ‘self’ arising after another with little regard for truth. It is in this state that most of us live, that countries are governed, wars fought, laws and institutions formed, it is in this state that most of our days pass and it is in this state that, moment by moment, we separate ourselves from the core of being that unites us all.

You see it is here: only here in what is within us here and now that we work, only in what is present in the mind, not the apparent thought but the material base of thought, being itself. The being itself is interior to everything, it is ‘inner’. It’s nature has a specific function, to look within, determined by the mutual attraction of those parts by which its creator made it, this is ‘order’.

A popular view of the Abbey of Theleme by Charles Lenormant (1840) after the
description of that building in Francois Rabelais’ ‘Gargantua and Pantagruel’ (1532)

The Dashwood mausoleum standing upon the hill at West Wycombe. Designed by Sir Francis Dashwood and John Donowell in 1763 its hexagonal form made from a series of triumphal arches to resemble the six-sided ‘Abbey of Theleme’ in the work of Francois Rabelais. Below it is a depiction of the ‘Stewards Jewel’ or the hieroglyph of the Inner Order whose form conceals the occult mystery of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.


Lamps of Creation

For the Inner Order every being, every thought, every manifestation is a lamp or a spark of light emanating from creation itself. Time, the passing moments or the days and years of life, form an ever-present continuous ‘now’ pouring out like light from the One. Each being, each life or lessons learned in a lifetime are bonded in a chain which connects us to all beings right back to the origins of all things. High above the floor of the Chapter Room hangs a great lamp, gently swinging in circles marking out the stations of the Sun, each station exemplifying one of the ‘Triumphs’ of our journey. This great lamp hangs from a single point teaching us that within the mind of the Universe all our lives form one moment, perfect, sublime, complete in their own way.


Inner Order 

Do we understand what it means when we say ‘inner order’, do we ask ourselves what this can mean? Let us say at first in the exterior sense that it may be a group who knows something, at first this is our understanding and we imagine such people and from this imagination, we make certain assumptions and from these assumptions, we create a belief, this is how we go on do you see? Further and further away from the truth of the One. Of course, this is not the meaning of inner, nor is it the meaning of order, the meaning of our Inner Order cannot be reached this way.

The Inner Order is reached through the Entrance on Light which is a mystical communion with and through the interior nature of oneself, with and through the interior nature of all things, through the mystery of the name A.R.A.R.I.T.A. whose hieroglyph sits at the heart of every unit of experience in the same way that the various minute particles of matter hold one another in a pattern whose form reflects the moment of creation. It is within all things as you yourself are within all things and as all things are within yourself.

So you see that in this sense ‘inner order’ refers not to people, but to a practice developed over time with much effort, the ‘people within’ need to co-operate towards a common goal, this is the meaning of our entrance on light, this ‘Abbey of Theleme’ that is filled with these ‘people’ all doing everything differently. You see all the ‘people’ are within and these must be taught to co-operate towards arising. In the ordinary person these inner ‘people’ all have their own temporary ‘wills’ or desires, Each and every one expressing this and that, wanting this and that, unaware of one another or the disaster that will befall the city of their being unless they become aware of one another and learn to act in concert toward a common goal.

The forces at work in this mystery are immense, the force which draws ones attention away from the inner work being the same as the force which brings beings out of nothing, which creates planets, suns, beings, time, a whole universe of dancing forms.  Pulling oneself resolutely towards the centre of all requires one to focus upon that which is the true touchstone and foundation of knowledge: ones inner being. Much patience, ceaseless self-study, love and forgiveness are needed even within the circumference of ones own nature, how much more so as we extend our understanding outwards!

Where there is inner order only there, in that, can an Inner Order dwell. Such is this inner mutual attraction for the seeker and the Order that it can be felt between beings, between states of being even, and by this connection is our communion with the Inner order made. Across vast distances and great spans of time this inner order manifests again and again, it is essential to the very being of a thing and exists in all things in the same way that a stamp or impression is made upon clay. The creator of the universe makes all things eternally, endlessly and now, ever creating and instilling life with life by this means.

In the deepest part of all beings, beneath the coverings of thought and identity, like an atom lies this inner order or essential functioning of mutually attractive parts. Beneath the apparent forms within and around us the great hieroglyph of the Order works and the harmonious dance of its constituent parts, like two suns gazing upon one another in an eternal embrace, mutually absorbing and reflecting one another as they revolve around that mystical ‘I AM’ at the centre of all beings. Within the Order this communion of unique beings with one another, this harmony of all, this recognition, acceptance and channelling of the truth and beauty of ourselves and of all things is known as the Entrance on Light.

The Chalice of Being within the Oratory of the Third Degree



Occult Dimensions of The Entrance on Light

Where does the Order manifest?

It manifests across the whole plane of the mind or self.

How does the Order manifest?

It manifests by virtue of its height and its depth.

What is the root of its manifesting?

The root of its manifesting is in the immediate self.

What is the proof of its manifesting?

That the sense of self derives not from expansion across the plane of self but in return to the point or immediate self.

How does the Order achieve this?

By the ritual of continuous remembrance, by prayer, by will, by the formula of A.R.A.R.I.T.A.

What does this formula signify?

That by investigating our science the initiate is crucified inversely; that the ‘Lover’ and ‘Beloved’ are One Sun beholding itself; that the fire of this Sun is set against the darkness of Nothing from which all things come; and that the ‘least among you’ or the slightest of its seven characters is the Centre point and fulcrum of action for this Universal formula.

What may be achieved through this formula?

All things



As an initiate you will know: The Order in itself is a formula of an hieroglyphical or mathematical nature, it is active within all things.

Within this moment of your perception, within yourself as a being in which thoughts arise, within this moment of reading and thinking now does the formula of The Order operate, as much as it does on the scale of the world, the Sun, the Universe itself.

In a seven-fold formula of A.R.A.R.I.T.A. does The Order manifest on all planes within all worlds: the world of the Universal Being; the world of the entirety of Suns; the world of the entirety of planets; the world of the entirety of moons; the world of the entirety of single beings; the world of the entirety of experiences of the single being; the world of the entirety of the permutations of the singular experience.

The Order manifesting within a person or group of people is possible, though what is desirable is its own nature being empty always. It is in this way that The Order has no doctrine, of itself it is only silence, it is its own Light illuminating itself.

Whilst manifesting in beings or within the mind The Order is power, force, activity and so on, its real nature or its ‘being unto itself’ is interior.

Within the physical human mind, and by necessary discourse of mind to mind, doctrine or opinion hold some sway.

In examining the nature of the Entrance on Light, prior to engaging wholly in it, we enter the uncertain realm of opinion or discourse.

In such discourse with many students a number of points of reference have arisen and always arise and into these we look as onto the plane of a mirror.

May the Peace of The Order guide us in our return to the Centre in which is all Understanding!


The Foundation of Truth is our own inner sense of unique Being, it is the ‘I’ of the formula A.R.A.R.I.T.A. and this ‘I’ or this sense of myself in the moment of time is the only absolutely discernible and measurable thing of which my mind can be aware without the necessity of theory or any external measurement apart from that inner sight of which the mind is capable. This then is the ‘atom’ of the ancients, its operation in the world being both ‘here’ and ‘not here’, both ‘now and ‘not now’, its being is both transitory and eternal, it is ever-becoming.

The Order, as did many ancient schools, studies this atomism and makes use of the properties of this ‘atom’ to discern the nature and operation of other forces in the Universe wheresoever they arise. Being both ‘now’ and ‘not now’ the initiate of The Order accomplishes their will without strife, being both ‘here’ and ‘not here’ the initiate of The Order creates or causes circumstances to arise by occult means.

The ‘I’ of the formula of A.R.A.R.I.T.A. expands across a plane either finite or infinite as the initiate is disposed, the experience of which includes ‘memory’ and ‘foresight’ and is expressed in the arms of the inverse ‘T’. The operation of forces outside the plane of space and time is expressed in the ‘height’ of the super-conscious or ‘divine’ self, and in the ‘depth’ of the lowermost ‘X’ whose form is derived from the Hebrew letter ‘Aleph’ signifying one of the three qualities of the Absolute or No-thing, thus is the minutest event in the mind eternally set against the cosmic drama of creation, the paradox of being and becoming.

From this vantage point we see the nature of any question not as ‘what is the information sought’ but rather: to what nature does this present atom of mind incline and how may The Order draw its course back to the centre of its being, to a place of deep self-understanding. Thus the answer will ultimately seek silence over certainty.

Approach the Order upon the inner plane of the mind, in dream, in the form of the body of light, in the jewel of consciousness, in silence, in the veil of night, in communion with your own nature.

Though a physical temple still exists, though our Chapter Houses remain, the Order itself is more present in the timeless world, the world of the spirit where its power extends without boundaries.


Entrance Now: The Chalice Exercise

The Entrance on Light, or the meditation upon the Abbey of Theleme, is both a place, an idea and a state of the inner mind: the condition of every being as it is within itself, these together are the harmony of the Inner Order. Having taken the first practical step, having tasted the wine of ones own experience (which must of necessity taste different to all) you are now invited to commune with and within the Order, at our Abbey upon the earth, within our Abbey upon the plane of Light and with our brothers and sisters within Chapter Houses and individually across the world.

The practice of the Entrance on Light, passing within the Mystical Abbey of Theleme, has many forms. The entrance may be passed entirely within the contemplation of the seeker. The seeker may pass entirely within the body of light. The seeker may enter by means of physical or ritual actions leading to an interior state.

Ultimately the goal is to withdraw ones senses, ones attention, ones field of influence to a point within, to the centre which is the centre of all things. There in that sacred space may one begin to hear, to feel, to intuit the presence of another, of a being most like oneself yet vast, all powerful and shining with light.

A simple practise, one may call ‘The Chalice of Being’, allows one to stand comfortably with arms upwards and heart open as if receiving a blessing. Quietly breathing in a comfortable rhythm, mentally repeating the words ‘I AM’, allowing the mind to reduce its thoughts by degrees to the thought of ‘I AM’, to the thought of ‘I’, to the silence of speechless and motionless being.

Slowly, at a point somewhere above the head, forms a soft glow, a gently brightening light whose spherical form touches the palms of your hands on either side, slightly resting upon the top of your head, its brightness flowing down through you enlivening within you smaller coloured brightnesses down and down to your feet.

Allow the colours to be, allow them to appear where they will, in whatever hue. Be aware.

Allow the lights time to form, to settle, to move, merge and change if they will, be open to this without judgement, observing your nature as it is.

Holding ones hands upwards, allow thoughts to arise. Allow feelings, memories, sounds, allow the space within oneself to move, take form, assume shape, allow the nature of yourself to be as it is. Be gentle in this watching.

Breathing gently, lower your arms slowly to your sides feeling the sphere of light above you begin to descend. With a single outward breath say ‘I AM’.

This simple practise may be repeated daily to create a perpetual state or place of prayer and communion with the Order.


The aspirant will have noticed the similarity between the practise and the image of the ‘Chalice of Being’ painted within the Oratories of the Third Degree.

The form of the hieroglyph is one of the forms of the star A.R.A.R.I.T.A. which is known also as ‘The Stewards Jewel’ and which was historically referered to as ‘The heart of Paul Whitehead’ the first Steward of the Hell Fire Club who died in 1774 and whose heart was interred in an urn inscribed with the words: 

Unhallowed hands

This Urn Forebear!

No gems or orient spoil

Lie here concealed but,

What’s more rare,

A heart that knew no guile!


The text of the Entrance on Light follows along with a brief abstract on the practise of Travelling in the Body of Light by a Sister of the Order.

In all cases perseverance in the work, study, sincerity and diligence succeed! 


The Order


Entrance on Light: in the Hour Before Sleep






Care Fratres et Sorores














The Order




Astral Notes Before the Entrance on Light






On Harmony, Peace & Love: an exercise in the spiritual imagination for the hour before sleep.


All beings seek love, all seek peace, the foundation of these three is Harmony.

Harmony with nature, with our fellow beings, with ourselves.

Beyond the concerns of the self, beyond material possessions, beyond the concerns of the body lies the realm of the spirit.

Harmony with nature is an absolute necessity, without this how may we expect the great mother to continue her love and support for us?

Harmony with other beings is an absolute necessity for without this how may we expect to live a peaceful and productive existence?

Harmony with the self is an absolute necessity for without this how shall we expect to realise our own potential?

Yet of all these it is Harmony with the self that we most easily forget.

Our minds and hearts are most easily inclined to the earth, to those thoughts and feelings bound to the needs of the body, of the identity of self, to the perpetuation of this identity of self, to the pains of a soul striving to be born.

The Beauty and pattern of this soul lies deep within itself, a perfect crystalline form as it were untouched by the changes of fate, untarnished by folly, by error, undimmed yet unremembered.

Were we to see, if but for a moment, our true form how soon would we set ourselves right, how swiftly would all doubt pass, how sure we would be of our success!

But time passes, the soul forgets and the veil of the passions wraps us in sleep for another lifetime.

But wait! Here, rise up! Awaken!

The true form of the self is in the imagination of our will, in the fixing of purpose and the extension of this beyond into a field of energy shared by all.

A great community of wisdom, truth and beauty awaits the seeker, a vast structure beyond the veil of time looms on the horizon.

Like no building before it, yet somehow sharing in the features of all sacred space is this immense Temple of the Triumphs of the Soul.

Six are its walls, six are its towers, without number are the steps toward it!

Placed high upon the summit of our hopes is this great structure, see it!

Great stones built one upon another by giant hands laboured, feel it!

Such splendid music makes the wind as it wraps itself round the heights of its towers, hear it!

Delight in the many thousand faces, voices, minds and hearts of the beings there, every one aiding you in your journey up the great spiral stairway to the high centre of this Temple.

Brother, do you sense it? Sister do you feel it?

A mightily wise yet kindly presence, forever with you, a strong yet gentle hand, forever with you, a flashing light, a beating heart, a voice from ages past: ‘I Am One’, and there, upon the ground a throne, and upon it a shining being arms outstretched, a vast sevenfold star above singing seven notes:

‘One is my origin, One my number, my permutation is One’

Care Fratres et Sorores

For millennia, humans have yearned to transcend the limitations of the physical body.

Studies of religion, theology, and philosophy all help to bring us closer to our existential meaning, but they’re also a relatively shallow interpretation of a deeper meaning.

Astral projection, on the other hand, offers a subtle approach to self-discovery, giving us an avenue through which we can discover more about our physical and spiritual selves, the Order and our connection to it.

Travelling in the body of light, or astral travel, is a way of investigating the subtle energies at work in a given place or situation. The eyes of the soul are open in a way not normally experienced in the waking state.

Astral travel to a particular place, in our case the Abbey of Theleme at West Wycombe, can be a very effective means of investigating the inner symbolism of The Order as well as being a means of awakening, step by step, ones relationship with the Higher Self whose home the Abbey is.


What is Astral Projection?

Before attempting to travel outside the bounds of the physical self, it’s best to have a basic understanding of the idea of astral projection.

Astral projection, or astral travel, is a type of out-of-body experience where consciousness escapes the confines of our earthly bodies in order to travel through the astral plane. This allows us to explore beyond the limitations of our own minds, creating a clear divide between the spiritual and the physical.

Most people describe astral projection as lifting the soul from the body. Much like those who have had near-death experiences, those who can astral project often report being able to see their own body as they enter a new plane of consciousness.

In essence, astral projection disconnects us from the physical world, allowing us to shift the entirety of our focus to the spiritual world.


Astral Projection Vs. Lucid Dreaming

People often confuse astral projection with lucid dreaming. While the two ideas share similarities, there are also profound differences that should be taken into consideration.

Lucid dreaming refers to when a person is able to take control of their subconscious, particularly when asleep. Astral projection, on the other hand, allows you to take control of your consciousness in a lucid state.


Some History on Astral Projection.

The idea of astral projection has long been acknowledged as a part of the human spiritual experience. We can find evidence going back as far as 5,000 years when ancient Egyptians were just beginning to record their vast cache of medical, psychological, and spiritual beliefs. The Egyptians called the astral body the Kha, often depicting it in hieroglyphs as a glowing light abandoning the body.

Not long after, in ancient Greece, we see references to astral projection in monuments such as the Temple of Eleusis, and the writings of philosophers such as Plato, Herodotus, and Hermotimus of Clazomene.

Perhaps one of the most famous examples of astral projection comes from the ancient Greek historian and philosopher Plutarch. He outlines the story of Aristeu, a parable from the first century. According to Plutarch, Aristeus fell and hit his head, falling into a coma that spanned several days and left his soul floating outside of his body.

In this time, Aristeus was said to have spoken to a spiritual guide, transcending time and space in a show of positive energy. Modern theologians think that Aristeus may have been experiencing an alternate dimension before he was awakened by force upon his burial.

Aristeus changed his ethics, his values, and his behavior in one fell swoop, molding himself into a respected member of society. After nearly being buried alive, Aristeus woke up in the physical plane and changed his perception of ethics, value, and behavior based on what he experienced in the astral world.

Today, astral projection is an essential cornerstone of many religions and spiritual teachings. Shamanism, for example, purports a practice that allows us to seek guidance from higher powers stemming from our own psyche. We are all made of layers, and in this construction, we all have the capacity for physical and emotional change.


The Six Steps to Astral Projection.

The reality of astral projection is different for each individual. Though it may be complex in theory, just about anyone can pick up the skills needed to project their psyche on an astral field. Typically, astral projecting is described as an out-of-body experience that transcends the physical nature of our earthly bodies. Just about anyone is capable of projecting onto the astral field, and it requires patience and practice to perfect each step toward spiritual fulfilment.


  1. Prepare Yourself

Creating the right atmosphere is essential for those who are looking to tap into their spiritual selves. It’s a good idea to create a quiet, comfortable space in which you can feel secure. Astral projection is similar to meditation in that you need to embrace a peaceful atmosphere, including features such as:

Calming sounds

Dim lighting

Incense or scented candles

Comfy clothing and surroundings

A relaxing room temperature

Isolation from friends, family, and others

No electronics

In this day and age, the last rule may be the most important. Astral projection is very similar to meditation in that both require complete focus, and something such as a phone call or an alarm can disrupt your flow of energy.


  1. Relax Your Body.

Once you’ve set the stage, you need to get yourself into a comfortable position. You should be lying down or sitting, as you’ll be entering a state of total relaxation. It’s best to do this on a bed, an armchair, or another surface that offers full support. It’s vital that you ensure that you won’t fall and injure yourself, even in a hypnotic state.

As soon as you’ve established safety, you can start to relax your muscles. Releasing tension is an important part of astral projection because otherwise, you would be limited by your own psychological and physiological constraints.

It’s best to start relaxing muscles starting at the head, then work your way down to your feet. For each set of muscles, try to focus on how they feel and where they are in relation to the rest of your body. Then, try to visualize the energy flowing through yourself, redirecting it inwards as you loosen each muscle and let go of built-up tension.


  1. Breathe Deep.

Like meditation, deep breathing is the key to successful astral projection. Meditative breathing techniques can help you to find your center, allowing you to enter a hypnotic state.

Start by slowly breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, focusing on moving your diaphragm instead of your chest. After a few minutes, your heartbeat will start to slow, and you’ll begin to relax near to the point of falling asleep.

Though it may seem overly simple, breathing is the key to self-discovery. Meditative breathing techniques can help us to stay calm and centered, helping us to enter a hypnotic state.


  1. Reach a State of Vibration.

Meditation generally ends once you achieve a hypnotic state, but astral projection takes things a few steps further. Even advanced yogis may be unfamiliar with the concept of a state of vibration.


Once you’ve fully relaxed and entered into a hypnotic state, you’ll begin to notice small waves of vibrations throughout your body. If you focus the entirety of your mind on these vibrations, you can synchronize your consciousness to their frequency. Try to relax into each vibration as it comes, allowing it to move through you.


The state of vibration is a unique experience for every individual. While some feel a soft current as of electricity running through themselves, others feel as though they’re lying under a weighted blanket. However you enter your vibrational state, it’s important to remember to stay calm and stay focused.


  1. Release Yourself from the Physical.

Once in a hypnotic state, you’re finally ready to separate the soul from the body. To do this, try to imagine the room in which your sitting with you in it. Next, picture yourself slowly moving away from your body and crossing the room. Finally, take a moment to observe yourself from a distance.

Freeing yourself from your physical body is no easy task, and many spend years attempting to achieve release. If you don’t manage to astral project on your first try, don’t get discouraged. With practice, the process will eventually get easier. For those who are having trouble, there are two popular techniques that can help you enter into the astral plane.


The Swing Technique-

As you begin to enter a vibrational state, try to imagine that each wave of energy is a swing. Imagine your body swinging back and forth in tune with the frequencies, starting out small and gradually going higher and higher. Eventually, your being will swing into the astral field.

The Rope Technique-

First, focus on your hands. Try to imagine them moving, then eventually reaching out past your physical body. The, visualize a rope in front of you. Using your astral hands, grab the rope and use it to pull yourself up into the plane.


  1. Return to Your Physical Body.

Once you’re done exploring the astral field, it’s time to reconnect with your physical self. Many people do this by picturing what’s known as a “silver cord” that tethers you to your physical body. It usually appears as a white or energetic beam of energy stretching through space. You can use this cord to pull yourself out of the astral plane. Much like in a dream, the details of an astral journey can be easy to forget after the fact. It’s a good idea to take clear, concise notes directly after a trip, or create some sketches. This will allow you to make the most out of astral projection, allowing you to learn more each time that you travel.



Potential Dangers and How to Avoid Them.

Though the media often gives astral projection a bad rap, the practice is generally very safe. You remain in control and connected to your physical self at all times, and you’re always free to return.

That being said, there are some common concerns surrounding astral projection. It’s a good idea to understand the potential dangers you may encounter before embarking on your journey.


Death in Real Life?

No harm will come to your physical body while you’re projecting, regardless of what you encounter in the astral plane. The only possible danger may come from real-life threats. When astral projecting, it can be nearly impossible to hear incoming trouble. It’s a good idea to set yourself up in a safe, secure space to ensure that your physical body is safe as you explore.


Separation from the Physical.

Some people fear a permanent separation or death of consciousness when astral projecting. Fortunately, it’s impossible to get trapped or suffer death in the astral realm. If you’re worried that you can’t get back to your body, simply stay calm and visualize your silver cord.


Possession by Evil Entities?

Many narratives feature possession as a consequence of astral projection, but this is a rare phenomenon. While you may encounter negative or even malevolent spirits on the astral plane, they can only enter your body with your consent. If you come across one of these beings, simply say no to all entreaties. If all else fails, protect yourself by visualizing bright, positive energy radiating from your core.



One of the most commonly experienced effects of astral projection is having some minor difficulty breathing. As your body relaxes completely, it may begin to have trouble remembering to breathe. For some, the separation of mind and body can also leave them breathless. The first few times that you try astral projecting, it’s a good idea to have a slow rhythmic sound or recording to ensure your breathing is even.


The Benefits of Astral Projection.

While there are some minor dangers, the benefits of astral projection far outweigh the risks. Just about anyone can learn how to project, and it has the potential to be a profoundly life-changing experience.


A Deeper Consciousness.

Astral projection lets you access higher planes of consciousness, expanding the reach of your mind beyond the limitations of your physical body. It can help you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, The Order and the universe as a whole.


An Understanding of Death.

Death is a frightening concept for most, primarily because it deals with the unknown. Astral projection, however, can shed some light on what happens once our soul permanently leaves our body. Experiencing the astral plane first-hand can help to ease fears about death and put your mind at peace.

By separating yourself from your earthly body, you can explore beyond the limits of your own consciousness. Astral projection allows us to push past the physical and enter a higher state of being, connecting us with the universe on a much deeper level.