Secret Wisdom of the Qabalah


S O L D 





First edition  1937

 J.F.C. Fuller met Aleister Crowley after writing his ‘Star in the West’ (1907) an explication and elucidation of the importance of Crowleys poetical and magickal work in the current of Thelema.

Fuller was a very early member and supporter of Aleister Crowleys A:.A:. magickal order and worked tirelessly to assist the ‘Great Beast 666’ in the editing and publication of The Equinox to which he contributed the beautiful and remarkable ‘Treasure House of Images’.

As well as writing numerous important works on military strategy, the design and strategic use of the tank in warfare, for which he was praised by Adolf Hitler, J.F.C. Fuller was also a keen scholar of the occult forces that control world events.

His work on the mystical Qabalah shadows forth a strong belief in the presence and power of evil in the world today, his experiences both with Crowley and with the forces at work in Hitlers’ Third Reich before the outbreak of World War II can be seen described in his book.

In ‘The Secret Wisdom of the Qabalah’ (1937) J.F.C. Fuller expounds a wealth of occult and esoteric knowledge in a clear and intelligent style, each chapter building a compelling picture of the hidden forces at work historically, culturally and within the being of the individual.

What is most remarkable about Fullers qabalistic study is that whilst it does not mention Aleister Crowley by name at all, it is absolutely certain that his finely crafted discourse points the student in the direction of the New Aeon and the person of his teacher, Aleister Crowley himself (The Great Beast 666) as the driving force behind all current manifestations of cosmic power.

First edition, Rider 1937. Octavo, 224pp illustrated by the author.