SOLD : O.T.O. Sexual Magick papers


S O L D 


A M O R   D I V I N A

‘Blood of the Graal’

Publishers own copy bound in scarlet kidskin

The edition comprised:

Publishers own copy in scarlet kidskin (this copy).

With a further 45 copies in fair calf, 156 copies quarter pigskin, 444 copies saffron cloth.

This copy not numbered, but named ‘The Blood of the Graal’.The limitation number is hand-written on a printed and two-toned illustrated notecard loosely inserted:

Contains works by various authors on the “Sexual Praxis of Ordo Templi Orientis”, including: Aleister Crowley, Theodore Reuss, C. S. Jones, G. J. Yorke, Marcelo Motta & others.

Contents include: Introduction by Editor; Hymn to Pan with performance notes by A. Crowley; The Gnostic Neo-Christians by T. Reuss; Sex, 666, & the O.T.O. by G. J. Yorke; General Documents on the Sexual Secret of Magick; A.M.R.I.T.A.; The Elixir of Life; The Elixir of Life from the diary of A. Crowley, June 7, 1919; The Elixir of Life: Our Magical Medicine; Remarkable Experiment with the Elixir of Life; Amrita (1933); Additional Cases; On Liber XV: Ecclesiæ Gnosticæ Catholicæ Canon Missæ; Liber Artemis Iota; Secret Papers of the OTO; A Private Letter of Parzival X° (V°) by C.S. Jones; De Natura Deorum (VII°); Letter from Crowley to Jones re VII°; De Nuptiis Deorum cum Hominibus (VIII°); Liber C vel AGAPE (IX°); De Arte Magica; IX° Emblems & Their Mode of Use; Liber Qoph: Gnosticorum Missa Minor; Adorations for IX° Working; De Homunculo Epistola (X°); The Holy Hymns to the Great Gods of Heaven; Crowley to G.L. McMurtry re IX°; XI Degree OTO; C.S. Jones to G.J. Yorke re XI°; Appendices; O.T.O. Degrees & How They Relate to Freemasonry; Marcelo Motta‘s Revision of Liber C; VIII° & IX° Secrets; Two Essays by G.J. Yorke: Tantric Hedonism & Tantric Theory; G.M. Cowie Address to London O.T.O. (1916); Epistle from Frater Achad to Sister Katherine Talbot (1918); An O.T.O. Interpretation of the Trigrams of the I Ching by W.T. Smith; Liber Stellæ Rubeæ; Bibliography and Notes.

Excellent in pristine slipcase bearing Baphomet seal, viii + 216 pp text.