SOLD : The Cultivation of Gold


S O L D 


Book of Knowledge Acquired


Kitab al’ ilm al’ Muktasab

Fi Zira’at adh Dhahab

al Iraqi

Translated by E.J.Holmyard

first edition Geuthner, Paris  1923

Extremely 1923 rare first edition of this highly important alchemical treatise, original paper wraps, English and Arabic texts complete.

The Book of Knowledge Acquired Concerning the Cultivation of Gold, Kitab Al-‘Ilm Al-Muktasab Fi Zira’at’ Adh-Dhahab, the Arabic Text Edited with English Translation and Critical Notes by Ahmad Al-Iraqi , ( E. Holmyard,Translator) Fine condition, sewn wrappers, (not a glued paperback), 120 pages, Contains the ONLY ENGLISH translation of this important Arabic Alchemical texts , includes also the original Arabic text. This is the original and only edition 1923. Published in Paris, Paul Geuthner, 1923 an alchemical tract in 5 jumlahs, Persian translation of a treatise titled Nihayat al-talab , written by Ayadamar ibn ‘Abd Allah Jaldaki (d. 1342), as a commentary on Abu al-Qasim al-‘Iraqi al- Simawi’s alchemical treatise titled Kitab al-Muktasab fi zira’at al-dhahab ; this is the only recorded Persian translation; English translation of al-Simawi’s treatise published as: Kitab al- ‘Ilm al-maktasab fi zira’at adh-dhahab: Book of knowledge acquired concerning the cultivation of gold by Abu ‘l-Qasim Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-‘Iraqi , ed. and translation Erik John Homyard, Paris, 1923