S O L D 


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law



Eleven Volume set complete
This is an astounding once in a lifetime opportunity



An extremely rare one off set

The only set in the world ever to be bound in fine vellum
and bears Crowleys own seal as Grand Master of his occult order the O.T.O.

This is an investment
The only fine vellum and gold set ever made.
This is a tribute to a master – and is available to only one owner.
There will never be another copy quite like this.

Saturated in 22 carat gold leaf gilt, every volume is a jewel
that does justice to this masterpiece like no other.
A production Crowley would be very proud of.

Hand crafted by a master craftsman through countless hours of skilled labour and love,
matched with superb design and attention to detail.

Sets of ‘The Equinox’ are a once in a lifetime purchase
for most students of occult and esoteric literature,
the original printings from 1909-1913 are extremely scarce and command
very high prices from antiquarian book dealers despite their humble appearances.

Aleister Crowleys first 1909 edition was limited to 1000 trade copies and 50 subscriber copies and even these were only bound in a white buckram cloth with gilt rules.

This set incorporates nearly 5000 pages of the most original and astounding
occult ritual and literature ever produced.

Each volume measures 10 inches x 7 inches
and are bound in goat vellum over heavy boards.






‘The Equinox’ has exerted an enormous influence upon modern and popular culture of the underground since its first appearance, hundreds of artists, authors and musicians have been influenced by its extraordinary blend of occultism, poetry, drama and art.

Eleven volumes complete set bound in full English vellum

Hand marbled endpapers

All edges in 22 carat gold leaf, bearing Aleister Crowleys Seal and Signature
of BAPHOMET Supreme and Holy King of the Ordo Templi Orientis

Seal of the Ordo Templi Orientis and titles in gold to the spine

Each volume housed in a protective custom made solander case
utilising fair undyed calf and French linen

Vellum is a fine material made from calf or goat skin which is prized as the most expensive and beautiful covering for books and manuscripts, the use of vellum in bookbinding dates back hundreds of years and the delicate ivory of the skin often displays the veins and other unique attributes of the animal from which it was made.

The fair calf is a vegetable tanned leather of archival quality and a luxurious soft touch, a very fine weave French linen cloth and white silk grace the boxes which are constructed out of very sturdy board.

The solander cases for the set of volumes

All eleven solander cases made with fair calf,
French azure linen,
white silk linings,
Equinox label to front board in gold border,
seal and titles in gold to spine

The marbled papers were produced by one of the foremost artists in the genre
and their depth and brilliance pay homage to this magnificent set.


Originally published in 1909 this set is released from a private collection 111 years after Aleister Crowley first began the monumental task of publishing his famous encyclopaedia of practical occultism.

The importance of ‘The Equinox’ cannot be over stated, on one level it is the official publishing organ of Aleister Crowleys own mystical fraternity of the Astrum Argentum, it was also the first publication of the ritual materials and symbolism of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with its inner Rosicrucian Order of the A.C. into which Aleister Crowley had been initiated in Paris.

Pouring his entire magical mind into the publication of these volumes ‘The Equinox’ contains amongst other things the magnificent ‘Vision and the Voice’, various of Crowleys beautiful ‘Holy Books of Thelema’ which were inspired poetic works of mystical and occult genius, numerous ‘Libers’ or instructions in the secret rites of sexual magick as well as numerous literary works both by Crowley as well as many of his foremost disciples at the time, such as Victor Neuburg, Charles Stansfield Jones, J.F.C.Fuller etc etc.

Commenced in 1909 and designated the official organ of his inner occult order A⸫A⸫ the volumes appeared bi-annually at each equinox ending in 1913, the huge task of producing the ten volumes of the work resulted in a period of less intense writing thus Volume II was designated a ‘Volume of Silence’ and was followed later by the appearance of Volume III Number 1 which is often referred to as the ‘Blue Equinox’ after the blue cloth covers in which it was first published.

Custom bound from the vintage 1972 edition with the rare eleventh volume of the ‘Blue Equinox’ this publication was a landmark in occult literature making the original works available to the world. With an introduction by the renowned occultist and Crowley pupil Isreal Regardie, this is a superb collection of the most significant work in occult literature.

Full English vellum with 22 carat gold leaf tooling


All volumes with hand marbled endpapers,
gold leaf to all three edges,
gold and deep blue headbands to match.


All eleven volumes with their custom made solander cases.


Aleister Crowley as ‘Frater Perdurabo’


Each volume bearing Crowleys Baphomet seal.


All three edges gilt with the seal of Baphomet in 22 ct. gold



The Sign of Silence plate to volume 1


Illustration plate by Crowleys disciple J.F.C.Fuller


Plate showing Aleister Crowley in his magickal attire.


Plate showing Crowleys disciple Leila Waddell


Contents of the work

Volume 1

Pages x + 256 + 139 + viii advertisements

– Editorial

– An Account of A⸫A⸫

– Liber Libræ

– Liber Exercitiorum

– The Wizard Way

– The Magic Glasses

– The Chymical Jousting of Brother Perardua

– The Lonely Bride

– At the Fork of the Roads

– The Magician

– The Soldier and the Hunchback ! And ?

– The Hermit

– The Temple of Solomon the King (Book I)

– The Herb Dangerous—(Part I) A Pharmaceutical Study

– John St. John—The Record of the Magical Retirement of G. H. Frater O.M. (Special Supplement)


The Silent Watcher

The Four Positions:  The Ibis, The God, The Thunderbolt, The Dragon

The Regimen of the Seven

Blind Force  (Supplement)



Volume 2

Pages: xii + 398 + vi advertisements

– Editorial
– Liber O
– The Herb Dangerous—(Part II) The Psychology of Hashish
– Reviews
– The Garden of Janus
– The Dream Circean
– The Lost Shepherd
– A Handbook of Geomancy
– The Organ in King’s Chapel, Cambridge
– A Note on Genesis
– The Five Adorations
– Illusion D’Amoureux
– The Opium Smoker
– Postcards to Probationers
– The Wild Ass
– The Sphinx at Giza
– The Priestess of Panormita
– The Temple of Solomon the King (Book III)
– Amongst the Mermaids
– Ave Adonai
– The Man-Cover
– Stewed Prunes and Prism.  The Tennyson Centenary

– The Signs of the Grades 



Volume 3

Pages: xviii + 332 + 76 (Supplement) + vii advertisements


Liber XIII


The Herb Dangerous—(Part II The Poem Of Hashish. By Charles Baudelaire. (Translated By Aleister Crowley)

An Origin

The Soul-Hunter


The Temple Of Solomon The King (Book II—Continued)

The Coming Of Apollo

The Brighton Mystery


The Shadowy Dill-Waters

Liber DCCCCLXIII—The Treasure-House Of Images.  (Special Supplement)

Stop Press Reviews


The Slopes Of Abiegnus

The Student

The Complete Symbol Of The Rose And Cross

The Elemental Symbols And Cherubic Emblems

The Lid Of The Pastos

The Ceiling Of The Vault

The Floor Of The Vault

The Circular Altar

The Rose And Cross


The Triangle Of The Universe

The Greek Cross Of The Zodiac



Volume 4

Pages: xv + 352 + viii + 113 (Supplement) + vii (Advertisements)

– Editorial
– Liber III
– Liber A
– I.nsit N.aturae R.egina I.sis
– Reviews
– My Lady Of The Breeches
– Reviews
– At Bordj-An-Nus
– Linos Isidos
– The Temple Of Solomon The King IV
– Pan To Artemis
– The Interpreter
– The Daughter Of The Horseleech
– The Dreamer
– Mr Todd. A Morality
– The Gnome
– Reviews
– The Herb Dangerous. Part IV: The Hasheesh Eater
– The Buddhist
– The Agnostic
– The Mantra-Yogi
– The Violinist
– EHE!
– Half-Hours With Famous Mahatmas.  No 1.
– The Thief-Taker
– Review
– The Eyes Of St. Ljubov
– Midsummer Eve
– The Poetical Memory
– Adela
– The Three Worms
– The Felon Flower
– The Big Stick
– Glazier’s Houses
– In The Temple
– The High History Of Sir Palamedes The Saracen Knight And His
   Following Of The Questing Beast (Special Supplement)

-Aratrum Securum
-The Yogi
-The Tattwas
-Adonai Ha Aretz
-The Interpreter



Volume 5

Pages: xiv + 158 + 178 (Supplement) + x (Advertisements)

– Editorial
– Liber HHH
– The Blind Prophet
– The Training Of The Mind
– The Sabbath
– The Temple Of Solomon The King
– A Nocturne
– The Vixen
– The Pilgrim
– My Crapulous Contemporaries, No. IV.—Wisdom While You Waite.
– X-Rays On Ex-Probationers
– The Vampire
– The Big Stick
– Correspondence
Special Supplement
– Liber CCCCXVIII (XXX Aerum) The Vision & the Voice
– Stop Press Reviews



Volume 6

Pages: xiv + 170 + vi + 124 (Supplement) + x (Advertisements)

– Editorial
– Liber X
– Liber XVI
– Liber XC
– Liber CLVI
– Liber CC
– Liber CCCLXX
– Three Poems For Jane Chéron
– Circe
– The Electric Silence
– Song
– The Scorpion
– The Earth
– Sleep
– The Ordeal Of Ida Pendragon
– The Autumn Woods
– The Dangers Of Mysticism
– The Big Stick
Special Supplement
– The Rites Of Eleusis



Volume 7

Pages: xii + 424


-Liber I

-Liber XI

-Liber LXIV

-Liber LXVI

-Liber CLXXV

-Liber CCVI


-Liber CD


-Liber DLV





-The Ghouls

-The Four Winds



– A Brief Abstract Of The Symbolic Representation Of The Universe Derived By Doctor John Dee Through The Skrying Of Sir Edward Kelly

-Apollo Bestows The Violin

-Diana Of The Inlet


-Memory Of Love

-Across The Gulf

-The Temple Of Solomon The King (Continued)

-My Crapulous Contemporaries. No. V., The Bismark Of Battersea.

-Arthur In The Area Again

-The Big Stick

-A Birthday


-Liber E (Two Plates)

-Aleister Crowley (Frontispiece)

-Pranayama Properly Performed

-The Sigils Of The XXII

-Liber Tav 

-The Holy Table 

-Sigillum Dei Æmeth 

-The Four Great Watch-Towers Within General View

-The Great Watch-Tower Of The East

-The Great Watch-Tower Of The West

-The Great Watch-Tower Of The North

-The Great Watch-Tower Of The South

-The Black Cross, Or Table Of Union 

-The Enochian Alphabet 

-The Sigils Of Aires 

-The Stélé Of Revealing (Obverse)

-The Stélé Of Revealing (Reverse)

-Liber Legis 



Volume 8

Pages: xl + 258 + xvi + 101 (Supplement) + xxi Advertisements


-ΘΕΛΗΜΑ. A Tone-Testament

-Three Poems

-The Temple Of Solomon The King (Continued)

-His Secret Sin

-Long Odds

-Doctor Bob. A Sketch

-In Limine

-The Woodcutter

-La Foire

-Professor Zircon

-A Brief Abstract Of The Symbolic Representation Of The Universe Derived By Doctor John Dee Through The Skrying Of Sir Edward Kelly.  Part II. The Forty-Eight Calls.


-The Tell-Tale Heart. Adapted From The Story Of E. A. Poe


-A Description Of The Cards Of The Tarot, With Their Attributions; Including A Method Of Divination By Their Use


-Elder Eel

-The Spadger

-To Persis

-Waite’s Wet Or The Backslider’s Return

-My Crapulous Contemporaries. No. VI. An Obituary

-The New Evelyn Hope

-Sepher Sephiroth




Volume 9

Pages: xxvi + 313 + xxi Advertisements


-The Temple Of Solomon The King (Continued)

-Lines To A Young Lady Violinist On Her Playing In A Green Dress Designed By The Author

-Energized Enthusiasm

-The “Titanic”

-A Literattooralooral Treasure-Trove


-Dischmatal By Night

-A Quack Painter

-At Sea



-The Vitriol-Thrower

-The Fairy Fiddler

-An Evocation Of Bartzabel The Spirit Of Mars

-The Testament Of Magdalen Blair


-Athanasius Contra Decanum

-My Crapulous Contemporaries. No. Vii. A Galahad In Gomorrah

-How I Became A Famous Mountaineer

-The Tango: A Sketch

-The Big Stick



Volume 10

Pages: xxxxiv + 244 + xvi + 291 + xxiii Advertisements


-Liber L. Vel Legis


-A Syllabus of the Official Instructions of the A⸫A⸫

-The Ship

-As In A Glass Darkly

-Two Fragments of Ritual

-The Disciples

-The Temple of Solomon the King (Concluded)

-Rosa Ignota

-The Game of Crowley

-Boo to Buddha

-Crowley Pool

-Hymn to Satan

-A Ballad of Bedlam

-Dead Weight

-Special Supplement—The Key of the Mysteries

-The Big Stick

-Colophon—To Laylah Eight-and-Twenty

-Index to The Equinox

Illustrations – Aleister Crowley (From a photograph by Hector Murchison) (Frontispiece)

-Four Horoscopes (To face page 95)


Volume 11  (being Equinox III-1)

Pages: ii + 307 + 132 (Supplement) + viii Advertisements

-Hymn to Pan


-Præmonstrance of A⸫A⸫

-Curriculum of A⸫A⸫

-Liber II – The Message of the Master Therion

-The Tent

-Liber DCCCXXXVII – The Law of Liberty

-Liber LXI – A⸫A⸫ The Preliminary Lection Including the History Lection

-A Psalm

-Liber LXV – Leber Cordis Cincti Serpente

-Liber CL – A Sandal – De Lege Lebellum

-A Psalm

-Liber CLXV – A Master of the Temple

-Liber CCC – Khabs Am Pekht

-Stepping Out of the Old Æon and Into the New

-The Seven Fold Sacrament

-Liber LII – Manifesto of the O.T.O.

-Liber CI – An Open Letter To Those Who May Want To Join the Order

-Liber CLXI – Concerning the Law of Thelema

-Liber CXCIV – An Intimation with Reference to the Constitution of the Order

-Liber XV – Ecclesiæ Gnosticæ Catholicæ Canon Missæ

-Nekam Adonai

-A La Loge

-The Tank

-Supplement – Liber LXXI – The Voice of the Silence – The Two Paths – The Seven Portals


-The Master Therion

-May Morn

-Frater V.I.O.

-The Lamen of Frater V.I.O.

-The Pantacle of Frater V.I.O.


-The Way




Love is the law, love under will