Published by the Stewards for the benefit of all Members, their Guests Friends of the Priory of St Francis of Wycombe  

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Hell Fire Club

Being Some Observations on the Symbolism


The Hell Fire Club Arranged in Themes

Printed Sol in Capricornus MMXX

‘Libertati Amicitiae Que Sacra’
‘Sacred to Liberty & Friendship’


Published by the Stewards for the benefit of all Members, their Guests
Friends of the Priory of St Francis of Wycombe  


We respectfully present this short work to our readers,
an overview of the symbols and structure of the Hell Fire Club as used in its surviving Chapters.
Contained are nine brief essays written by a long standing member of the Hell Fire Club,
covering such topis as

‘The Physical Appearance of the Chapter Room’

‘The Lamp in the Great Chamber its Origin and Symbolism’

‘On The Four Doves or Degrees’

‘On Alchemy in the Chpater’

‘On the Stewards Office: the First Key’

‘On  the Second Key & its meaning’

‘On the Mystery of the Abbot’

‘On the Inner Temple Lamp ’


Originally designed as a series of brief papers for members in Chapter, these documents draw upon the purely oral transmission of ideas that goes on between the Stewards and the Members during meetings. Meetings held monthly often investigate esoteric themes and take the Club traditions and symbols as their starting point, like a wheel revolving through the year the Stewards draw upon the complex connections within the Chapter Room diagram (often a floor cloth or arrangement of the symbols in physical form on the table) created by applying the two ‘Keys’ described separately in the book.

Throughout the year attendees at Chapters see the symbols woven together in new and unusual ways, through relating stories of the Club, discussing history and investigating its structure the members find correlations between it and their own inner worlds. These connections grow in unique ways and all are equally respected, the essential act of sharing wine and good company being analogous to the relationship one has with ones inner being: a fine balance built on Love and Harmony.

End Papers of Full Leather Edition

The material in the book has been given at different times variously in the caves at West Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, in the meetings of local Chapters and even in the address at the Great Chapter, an open event held once a year where the Club makes itself available to all seekers after Truth.

In publishing these papers in physical form we hope that the Love & Friendship which inspired the original Members will once again light a path for all, that the symbols and their use will find a resonance with those of honest heart and mind, and that the honours and privileges of the Club will in the future be bestowed on all those who desire to accept them.

Each copy of this work includes a moveable diagram called ‘The Book of Alignments’. This diagram is based upon the floor cloths used in chapters and allows the user to clearly and simply apply the lessons of the Chapter (as explained by the Stewards and the application of their own symbol to the floor cloth) to their own inner universe.   


‘Aud Hospes Contemnere Opes’
‘Dare O Guest, to set Wealth at Naught’


Proceeds from the sales of these copies go towards the assistance of Members, upkeep of Regional Chapters and other good works.




Edition Limited to 22 Copies in full navy kidskin,
each signed by the author

Handtooled with the Inner Temple Lamp, endpapers printed in full with the ‘Twelve Constellations’ painted by Antonio da Varese, inner papers of black mondi, cream mondi half title, text printed onto 110gsm cream laid papers. Sewn with a single ribbon of wine red satin, headbands of dark navy and gold silk. The ‘Book of Alignments’ in a black mondi paper envelope sent with the book.


Edition Limited to 108 copies in half cloth

Navy and azure with a printed title label. Inner board having a fold-out star chart of the Twelve Constellations by Antonio da Varese, the ‘Book of Alignments’ inserted in a mylar pocket to the back board. Text hand sewn with a single wine red ribbon, printed onto 110gsm cream laid stock.