S O L D 


Sub figura DCLXXI
The first edition, 2014, in slipcase, only fifty of these were produced

Very rare and only one copy now available

An original annotated typescript facsimile introduced and commented on by Frater Orpheus  7′ = 4′   et al.

A beautiful edition

Four parts all quarter leather bound with burgundy goatskin and dark green cloth, stamped to the front with the seal of A.’.A.’.  and presented in a matching leather and cloth slipcase (300mm x 210mm x 50mm).

Aleister Crowley founded his A.’.A.’. Order in 1907 with the assistance of George Cecil Jones, in 1909 whilst on a Magical Retirement Crowley developed ‘Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos’ for the singular purpose of attaining a higher form of Knowledge and Conversation than he had attained previously as an Exempt Adept.

‘Pyramidos’ is thus one of the most significant rituals in the Thelemic armoury.

The four parts of this ‘Pyramidos’ study encompass: firstly a full-colour facsimile in a quarter leather portfolio binding of cult filmmaker Kenneth Angers annotated typescript of the ritual.

Secondly an introduction to the work with a history of the typescript by its owner (Robert Flores, Frater Orpheus 7’=4′  A.’. A.’.).

Thirdly an analysis of the development of Pyramidos and its relationship to the highly secret ‘TROA’ ritual.

Fourth and finally a ‘Pyramidos Experience’ (Frater 414  A.’.A.’.) or analysis of the ritual as a progression of initiatic states.

The original typescript seems to have originated in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s, it is believed to have belonged to Jack Parsons (Agape Lodge) who passed it on to Kenneth Anger. Three distinct sets of annotations are visible, Two of the sets of annotations are part of the copy itself and are in the hands of Crowley and G.J.Yorke, the third set of annotations are in the hand of Kenneth Anger. What is exceptional about this typescript is that Kenneth Angers notes have managed to preserve original annotations from the author (Crowley) that are now faded and would otherwise be illegible.

We made this work available to collectors and students of Crowley’s magickal system for the express purpose of furthering understanding of Thelema, the development of its ritual praxis and to ensure the continuity of its manuscript tradition.