Little Essays Toward Truth

S O L D 

Archived title – now sold out

Two formats limited t0 22 and 220 copies

This edition being limited to 22 copies bound in vellum


Little Essays Toward Truth

Aleister Crowley

Imprimatur: O.S.V. 6=5 Imperator

All sixteen essays introduced with notes and a glossary by Frater V.V.V.
Printed in colour onto fine English Laid paper

Vellum Edition


This present volume follows closely the format of the first edition with the following exceptions:

1) We have updated the image of the Tree of Life (here included on page 93) so as to make it more legible but did not alter any of Crowley’s attributes. 
2) Extensive footnotes have been added as the first edition included but a single footnote in the chapter on Chastity which is here clearly indicated as Crowley’s.
3) An index of key terms has been added to aid the Student in their research.  
Marbled endpapers

“Love is the law, love under will”

Frater V.V.V.