SOLD : Tantric Anatomy






As Figures of Biology

First edition

D B Taraporevala Sons & Co,

Bombay, 1931

Highly original and unusual work on Tantric biology seen through the prism of the traditional Vedic deities.

Contents: Foreword; An Extract; Preface; Introduction; The universe as viewed by the Vedic seers; Tvastyi; The Ribhus; Savitri; The Agyins; The Maruts; Parjanya; Usas; Visnu; Rudra; Pusan; Surya; Agni; Indra; Aditi and the Adityas; Brihaspati or Brahmanaspati; Soma; Varuna and Mitra; The Apah.

The author, Vasant G. Rele, was a friend of Sir John Woodroffe (Arthur Avalon) who wrote an introduction to Rele’s other work on anatomy and kundalini.

Unique example in tan sheepskin and saffron cloth, very scarce.