Witchcraft Revival 120 copies


Gerald Gardner

and the 

Witchcraft Revival

In this book famous witchcraft historian and biographer Philip Heselton tell us about the life and times of Gerald Gardner and why he is so important to the modern witchcraft movement.

Heselton’s introduction covers the significance of Gardners life and works to the story of modern witchcraft, followed by material on:

  • ‘The Folklore Centre’
  • ‘The Witches Mill’
  • ‘Folklore Magazine’
  • ‘Humana Studia’
  • ‘Queen of the Witches’

The book also includes rare material including:

1) The visitors introduction to The Folklore Centre of Superstition and Witchcraft at Castletown;

2)An article from Folklore, 1939 by Gardner about witch persecution relics;

3)The Story of the famous Witches Mill at Castletown, Isle of Man by Gardner and other interesting Gardner artifacts.

Even if they do not espouse the pure “Gardnerian” heritage of the craft, most witches and pagans around the world owe much of the form of their practises and rituals, perhaps far more than they realize, to one man — Gerald Gardner.

Limited to 120 copies bound in nut brown leather and green linen cloth.