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    During the production process the book binder will make a prototype for each new work, these production prototypes are almost never seen publicly and many are simply destroyed after the edition has sold out.

In the case of this publication the bookbinder approached the project first with a design including a large four inch engraved pentacle, this proved too heavy and expensive for the main edition and the design was subsequently engraved directly upon the exterior surface of the wooden box.

The prototype design differs from the main edition also in the detail that the ankh was first gilded directly upon the cloth slipcase. The published edition was released with a ‘Rose-Ankh’ design gilded onto a seperate oval material which was then inlaid into the slipcase.

    Bookbinders prototypes often differ in other respects to the standard edition in the use of unique marbled papers, gilding by hand, hand sewing of the page sections etc, whilst bookbinders prototypes are outside the limits of the published editions they are almost certainly more rare.


A unique opportunity to own a facsimile of Alex Sanders own private magical notebook. 273 pages of handwritten spells, charms, magical sigils and ritual instructions. Including images of the original cover bindings.

You will also receive
a companion volume transcript of the original


        Gold embossed with a design of witches athames from a page of the original notebook.


Brightness of brightness,
Sky of our mortality
Home of our hopes,
Height of our fear,

Send us a sign,
A sign of benevolence,
Show forth our Government
Answer our song!

Image of the full leather edition in its silk lined box


Born in 1926 and coming from a poor working-class family in the North of England, Alex Sanders was exposed to the folk magic of his grandmother Mary Bibby and the Spiritualism of his mother Margaret from an early age. Alex Sanders practised healing and country magic in his early years, working in an industrial chemists laboratory, during this period he discovered the Sacred magic of Abramelin edition issued by S.L.MacGregor Mathers and also the writings of Aleister Crowley. Soon after the Second World War Alex Sanders found employment in the John Rylands Library in Manchester where he discovered a 19th century copy of the ‘Key of Solomon’ and the writings of Eliphas Levi.

A flambouyant and creative magical partnership with the beautiful Maxine Sanders secured both fame and a steady stream of disciples, Alex and Maxine lived for a time in London at Clanricarde Gardens where they both enjoyed (and endured) the attentions of the national media.


Clanricarde Gardens, London

Alex’s personal generosity was legendary and came from his entire lack of concern for the material possessions with which so many are enamoured, he was a true magician: manipulating the forms and forces of this world but remaining unattached.

In spite of this he was a remarkably able material medium, capable of conjuring spirits as well as treasure!

In 1971 Alex Sanders moved to Sussex to continue his magical workings with the contacts of his  ‘Ordine Della Luna’, its Inner Order of Deucalion and later in the 1980s with an Aztec spirit guide.

The notebook contains material reflecting the hereditary witchcraft traditions of Northern England, the rituals and practices of both Gardnerian Wicca and later Alexandrian Witchcraft, as well as the teachings of Aleister Crowleys sexual magick, the ‘Key of Solomon’ and instructions for ritual and spiritual practices culled from surviving lineages of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

In Alex’s hand, the notebook is a remarkable fusion of traditional hereditary witchcraft lore and the high magical teachings with which his personal work was so clearly identified..

He alone provides a veritable link between the folk magic practices of the cunning-men of previous centuries and the advanced spiritual practices of Abramelin and the Magick of Aleister Crowley.

The first page is a traditional Lancashire witches charm with magic symbols

The pages were originally torn by Alex to dispose of them but were salvaged by a disciple, taped together and sewn into a single binding; this was subsequently kept safely hidden by Maxine Sanders in an embroidered linen bag and remains in her personal collection to this day.

The original notebook placed over its embroidered bag,
on show at the Alexandrian Witchcraft Grand Soiree,
London November 2017

During his lifetime Alex Sanders was the most visible and influential figure both in the revival of traditional witchcraft as well as the teaching of advanced occultism in the world. After his death he remains not only one of the most enigmatic figures of the twentieth century (having left few traces of published literature behind him) but also perhaps the most prolific of all practical occultists.

Alex Sanders is considered by many to have been one of the most extraordinarily innovative and talented occultists of the twentieth century. Founder and initiate of a number of esoteric orders, practitioner of shamanic style spirit workings, witch, magician, psychic, all these aspects of Alex Sanders character have been well documented.

An original page of the notebook showing Alex Sanders drawing of the witches Athame etc,
the torn page was taped back together and from this, we created the gold impression for the covers of our edition.

The pages of which the notebook it is composed were kept by Alex Sanders over a number of years probably up until the late 1960’s, indeed from an inspection of the sewing and the pagination, the original appears to be two distinct notebooks conjoined.

The first edition was limited to only 88 copies and is now SOLD OUT

Full colour 273 page facsimile in full dark green sheepskin leather with marbled endpapers,
gold titles and cover embossed with a design of witches athames taken from a page of the original notebook.


This edition comes in a silk lined wooden box with 4″ brass engraved pentagram, with a luxurious slipcase in green and burgundy bearing a gilded Ankh to the front of the slipcase.

PLEASE NOTE: the published edition 88 deluxe sets came with a vial of consecration oil which is not present with this item.

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