1814 Herbal: cunning man copy


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printed for Dr John Parkins (1771-1830)

the famous Lincolnshire Cunning Man






printed for Dr John Parkins (1771-1830)

the famous Lincolnshire Cunning Man

Fine binding of earlier 1814 edition, plain plates. 400pp

An expanded edition of the English Herbal produced by the Lincolnshire Cunning Man Dr.John Parkins (1771-1830) who lived at Little Gonerby in Grantham until his death in 1830.

Provenance: Donation of a local family, collection of The John Parkins Society Grantham, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. Once in the collection of Grantham based herbalist Dr Gilbert whose practice was in the property next to the John Parkins Society up to the 1960’s. Dr Gilbert operated from the main house and the connecting property (number 38) both of which had extensive cellar areas which were equipped as laboratories and used to prepare herbal remedies for mail order nationwide.

Dr.Gilberts former practice on Swinegate, Grantham


Quarter sheepskin and marbled boards, later binding in good historical fashion by Blair Jeary late of Burleigh House. Besides the herbalist content, the work has numerous inclusions of astrological and almanac material relating to the cunning mans art, 400pp.

Book details: Printed by J&E Hodson, Cross St, Hatton Gardens. Published by Dr.John Parkins from his ‘Temple of Wisdom’, his home in the older part (‘Little Gonerby’) of Grantham town in the early 1800’s.

Parkins was known for the production and dissemination of herbals, alamanacs, astrological material and talismans. He was an early student of Ebenezer Sibley, staying with him at his house in London in the late 1790’s, and was in correspondence with Francis Barrett during the composition of his famous ‘The Magus’ of 1801.

Parkins contribution to Barrett’s occult knowledge seems to have been the process of communicating with angels by use of  crystal ball, as letters between them attest.